O'Sensei Tsuruoka
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Mandate of the Tsuruoka Karate Organization

We the members of the TKO, shall endeavour to promote, with guidance, openess and cooperation, the development of Tsuruoka Karate-Do, which embodies the spirit and methodology of its founder,
Masami Tsuruoka
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With Deepest Sypmathies the Tsuruoka Karate Organization regrets to inform you that O'Sensei Masami Tsuruoka, the Father of Karate in Canada, has passed away October 10, 2014 at the age of 85.

Memorial service arrangements will be posted shortly.

O'Sensei was a teacher and mentor both in and out of the dojo. His dedication loyalty and passion affected thousands world wide. He will be remembered in the hearts of many and in the karate legacy he leaves behind.

Sympathies can be sent to osensei@tsuruokakarate.com
Movie celebrating the life of Masami Tsuruoka through family interviews and photographs from Tsuruoka Sensei's sixty year archive.
Masami Tsuruoka
Jan 1929 - Oct 2014