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From Frank Foulkes, "Tsuruoka: Thirty Five Years -- and Still Going!," Black Belt Journal, The Karate Ontario Newsletter Summer 1993.
The article below was written by Frank Foulkes and originally published in Black Belt Journal, in 1993.

During the time since the article was published O'Sensei Tsuruoka continues to teach, learn and be recognized for his achievements. In October 2008 O'Sensei Masami Tsuruoka celebrated over 50 years of Karate-Do in Canada. While technically he reached the 50 year milestone in 2007, it took some time to gather people from around the world to join O'Sensei for a weekend of reminiscing, camaraderie and more Karate teaching. The guest list included William Dometrich, Kazumi Tabata, Don Warrener and over 350 karate-ka.

Some other notable accomplishments since the the article below was written are:
- In 1999 O-Sensei Tsuruoka was honored by the Provincial government with the Order Of Ontario.
- On May 13, 2006 O-Sensei Tsuruoka was awarded his 10th Dan by the N.K.A

O-Sensei passed away October 10, 2014 at the age of 85. O-Sensei was a teacher and mentor both in and out of the dojo. His dedication loyalty and passion affected thousands world wide. He will be remembered in the hearts of many and in the karate legacy he leaves behind. Join us and fellow karate-ka from around the world to celebrate the life of O-Sensei Masami Tsuruoka.
Masami Tsuruoka
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