We have a few t-shirts and polo shirts remaining from the
7th Tsuruoka Karate National Tournament.
On Sale now at reduced prices!
sizes are limited so order now...
all proceeds go to
O'Sensei Tsuruoka and the Tsuruoka Karate Organization
O'Sensei Tsuruoka
Dojos by Province
T-Shirt $5.00
black, sizes large, medium, small
grey, sizes large, medium, small
white, sizes large, medium, small
Polo Shirt $10.00
black only, size large & medium
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please include item description, colour, size, quantity mailing address and phone number
Cheques/Money order only. Payable to Tsuruoka Karate Organization
All prices include taxes & shipping
All sales final
OTOUSAN DVD ($20.00) and BLURAY ($30.00) please order via email to OTOUSAN MOVIE

For TKO Merchandise please send your orders to merchandise@tsuruokakarate.com

Tsuruoka Karate Brand
- T-Shirts
- Golf Shirts
- Jackets
- Sport bags
- Referee Ties
are still available!
Please contact your Dojo Head/Administrator to order.

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